Our Expertise

2nd Street Law PLLC excels in the defense of criminal charges from municipal courts to federal courts.  We offer caring, agressive litigation whatever the allegation.  For Yakima County, Kittitas County, and Klickitat County criminal defense, you can take confidence in the experience and professionalism standing with you when you hire the attorneys of 2nd Street Law PLLC.
Yakima Criminal Defense Experts


Murder and serious assault present unique challenges with extremely high stakes. It takes a team approach, from investigators to experts to answer such charges. The criminal defense attorneys of 2nd Street Law PLLC meet these charges with intense, focused effort, assuring those accused of these most serious crimes of the best possible defense.

White Collar Crime
Federal White Collar Crime


White Collar Crime is an area of practice that takes skill and attention to detail. The attorneys of 2nd Street Law PLLC have what it takes to develop and pursue the defense of these complicated and nuanced cases.


Sex Crimes
Yakima and Ellensburg Defense of rape, molestation, porn, and sexual assault charges


The professionals at Second Street Law know that an accusation of sexual misconduct of any kind can not only compromise your freedom, but your work and personal life as well.  We pursue the defense of such charges with dedication, and have achieved several notable acquittals in Yakima and Kittitas Counties. Ulvar Klein is widely recognized as an expert in the field.  

Juvenile Defense
Yakima Juvenile Defense
Kittitas County Juvenile Defense


Young people accused of crimes in Washington State often end up being cycled through our juvenile justice system.  We take these proceedings seriously, and vigorously pursue the best possible outcome for kids who need a second chance.

DUI Defense
Kittitas County DUI Defense
Yakima County DUI Defense


DUI charges in Washington State carry serious consequences in an incredibly complicated statutory scheme.  Let the criminal defense professionals at 2nd Street Law, PLLC navigate for you.  With experience on both the prosecutorial and defense side, we have the perspective and experience to reach the best possible result.

Criminal Defense
Yakima Criminal Defense
Ellensburg Criminal Defense


Criminal defense is our passion. At 2nd Street Law PLLC, it's what we do.  We've chosen to dedicate ourselves to the rigorous defense of our State and Federal Constitutions, to the rights of the accused, and to the cause of justice. Whether you face charges in Selah Municipal Court, Kittitas County Superior Court, or the United States District Court, we are your voice before the court.