Case of the Week (Month? Trimester?)

Here at 2nd Street Law PLLC, we love our clients and appreciate their stories. When a client comes to us in the middle of a criminal charge, their story becomes our story for a time as well. We don't talk out of school of course, but there are times when a case becomes a public media event, or a client agrees that the importance of their case merits discussion here on our occasional blog.

We also love and appreciate the study of law and defense of the Constitutions - 'Constitutions' because in Washington, we have our own State Constitution that is vigorous and thriving in its protection of Washingtonians. This space will also be a place to discuss legal issues of interest and concern to anyone living through this curious, frenetic era of ours.

Since none of us have ever actually run and maintained a blog, we don't really know how often we will be able to post new cases. The life of a criminal defense lawyer can be intense, so expect intermittent periods of inactivity.

#stories #constitution

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